FAQ’s About Portable Toilet Rental

It is advisable to rent at least one portable toilet for every 25 guests. Consider renting additional units if your event will last most of the day. The more restrooms you have available for your guests, the cleaner each toilet will be.

Things to consider when deciding on placement of your portable toilet rental:

  • Position should be on dry, level ground.
  • Decide whether to centrally locate your toilets or strategically scatter them around.
  • The location must be easily accessed by the service truck. All portable toilets must be kept within 15 feet of a hard surface that can accommodate a commercial pump truck. We are unable to leave restrooms on any street or sidewalk.

Deliveries are typically made between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Orders for weekend events are typically delivered on Friday and removed on Monday.

Payment in full is required before delivery. All major credit cards are accepted.

Yes! Our portable toilets are great for a one day party, weekend parties, or week long events.

Complete services includes:

  • Drop off and delivery.
  • Restocking Supplies.
  • Removing waste from the tank.
  • Removal of any debris.
  • Complete or schedule needed repairs.
  • Clean and sanitize the unit weekly: Scrub and sanitize all surfaces including the walls, urinal, toilet seat, and floor. Add fresh water and deodorant solution to tank.
  • Sign and date service log sticker in each unit.

Our driver will make all reasonable attempts to service the unit(s). The unit will be cleaned, and supplies restocked. A “Red Tag” will be placed on the unit to indicate that we were on site but not able to do a complete service. It will be noted in your order as to why the unit was only partially serviced. If the unit is only partially serviced due to being blocked, unreachable, behind locked gates or the like, you may request us to return to the site prior to your next scheduled route day for an additional fee.

Using portable toilets has many advantages. Portable toilets are convenient, versatile and can ease the strain that could be placed on your septic system. Having portable restrooms ensures that your employees and guests are comfortable at all times.